Flameless Wax Candles

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Flameless wax candles resemble traditional candles so closely that most people are unable to tell the difference without closely inspecting them. Innovations in design technology have resulted in flameless candles that feature realistic-looking wicks and are coated with wax so that they feel and smell like conventional candles. Their LED light sources are programmed to mimic a moving flame, complete with randomized flickering effects.

Quality flameless candle suppliers carry a wide variety of products, from delicate tea lights and floating candles, to robust all-weather pillar candles for outdoor use. These products come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and in every colour of the rainbow for any type of décor. In addition, better companies also offer candles that can be operated with a remote control, candles with built-in timers, and a range of specialty products and accessories. Safe, beautiful and durable flameless candles for every season and every reason!
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Flameless Wax Candles


If you plan to purchase flameless wax candles in bulk, be sure to consider these criteria:

  • Appearance. Customers want flameless candles that closely resemble traditional wax candles. Popular products have technology that creates the impression of a moving, flickering flame. Some also have a "wick” that enhances the realistic appearance. And the best products are coated with wax so that they look, smell and feel like conventional candles.
  • Variety. Customers want access to basic types of candles such as tea-lights, tapers, pillars, votives and more. They also want specialty items, such as outdoor candles that can withstand weather conditions, and candles designed for specific holidays such as Christmas, Halloween or Valentine’s Day. And they want accessories like lanterns, wall sconces and other products to help them display and use the products.
  • Convenience. A great advantage of flameless candles is that they can be programmed. Many customers like the convenience of candles with built-in timers; these allow you to set candles to turn on and off at prescribed times of the day. Remote controlled candles can also be very useful.
Safe and economical flameless wax candles are growing in popularity every year. Make sure your customers have access to the best!

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